Thu, Sep 21, 2023
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Unica sensitive

Avizor Unica Sensitive offers an all-in-one solution for patients with sensitive eyes. Unica Sensitive has been especially formulated to provide extra comfort for even the most sensitive contact lens wearers. Suitable for all types of soft contact lenses including the new generation silicone hydrogel lenses, Unica Sensitive cleans, disinfects, stores, rinses, wets and lubricates your lenses

1-Clarify your vision by reducing the ocular symptoms of dry eye.

2-Protects the cornea thanks to the prolonged time in the eye.

3-Increases tear stability by reducing evaporation.

4-Accelevates healing time preventing irritation and redness caused by the mechanic action of the lens.

5-Increases the hours of comfortable use thanks to the visioelastic properties of hyaluronic acid

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No.834, Between Khosh and Ghasroldasht St.,Azarbayejan Ave.,Tehran-Iran
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+98 21 668 94 649-50
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