Thu, Dec 07, 2023
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GP Multi,All in one

GP Multi,All in one

One of the main problems causing contact lens drop-outs is not keeping them clean.with Avizor GP

ALL-IN-ONE users will be able to clean,disinfect,lubricate and store their lenses with only one product.

The most outstanding qualities of the GP multi solution are :

  • The surfactant action of poloxamer provides a high cleaning activity along with anti-adhesive properties that prevent microorganisms from adhering to the surface of the lens.
  • There are no abrasive particles in its formula.Therefore, it does not damage the surface of the lens
  • It possesses a high disinfecting capacity.
  • The combined action of the two lubricating agents HPMC and PVP increases the comfort of the end user during lens wear.

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