Sat, Aug 13, 2022
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ZEISS Contact Day 30

  ZEISS Contact Day 30 mediterranée is a modern, highly compatible monthly replacement contact lens. Its innovative, slim geometry provides excellent wearing comfort, optimal vision and very good handling. Every day, for a whole month.

  • High spontaneous comfort and very good long-term compatibility
  • Very little drying-out due to good water-retention
  • Good oxygen supply due to the thinness of the lens and a specially developed new edge design
  • Handling is child´s play thanks to a shape stability


Large delivery programme with two base curves in the minus range

Technical data




Application Monthly lens
Material Ocufilcon F
Water content 55%
Dk/t 19 * 10 -9
Base curve minus 8,6/8,9 plus 8,8
Power (step) -12,0 bis + 8,0
Diameter 14,2 mm
Central thickness 0,10 mm
Manufacturing method Cast moulding
Packaging 6-pack










Contact Us

No.834, Between Khosh and Ghasroldasht St.,Azarbayejan Ave.,Tehran-Iran
Mail Us :
+98 21 668 94 649-50
+98 21 668 98 731


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