Sat, Aug 13, 2022
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Day1 Easy Wear

ZEISS Contact Day 1

Contact lens replacement system
ZEISS Contact Day 1 Easy Wear is a high-quality daily lens for spherical corrections .The Contact Day 1 Easy Wear is made for sporadic lens wearers and is characterised by the excellent comfort and visual acuity without any care expenditure.
This is the reason why Contact Day 1 has established as a popular lens for regular wearer without using care products.
The geometry of the Contact Day 1 Easy Wear is characterized by an aspherical front and back surface and an extra slim edge design, whereby a very good centring is reached.
Design and material properties make the handling of the Contact Day 1 very simple- also for untrained lens wearers.



 Daily lens


 Methafilcon A

 Water content



 24 * 10 -9

 Base curve


 Power range:

  0.50 up to - 6.00(0.25)

-6.50 up to -9.00(0.50)


 14,2 mm

 Central thickness

 0,08 mm

 Manufacturing method

 Cast moulding


 5 lenses
 30 Box




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