Sat, Aug 13, 2022
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UltraWave® contact lenses

The British manufacturer, UltraVision, has developed something special for the contact lenses market: UltraWave® 60 contact lenses, with a unique and innovative aspherical lens design for optimal comfort and superb quality of vision. With UltraWave® 60 contact lenses your eyes will be put under less stress and will feel noticeably less fatigued.

The biocompatible material, hioxifilcon A, guarantees an improved oxygen permeability and with it better comfort, even after extended wear. Biocompatible contact lenses such as UltraWave® 60 help maintain the eye's natural moisture and freshness, reducing redness and irritations to a minimum. You'll hardly notice that you are wearing contact lenses. Try them out for yourself and you'll discover the advantages offered by UltraWave® biocompatible lenses - perfectly suited for sensitive eyes.

Try out UltraWave® lenses and enjoy the improved vision and comfort offered. Easy to use and made from top quality materials, UltraWave® is the right choice for healthy, fresh eyes - even during extended wear.






Water content:


Material :

19.9*10¯¹¹ (cm²/sec)[ml o₂/(ml*mmHg)]

DK/t value:

Wavefront aberration control unique multi-aspheric front

Lens Design:

-12.00  DS to +6.00 DS

-6.00  DS to +4.00 DS in 0.25 Steps

-12.00  DS to -6.5 DS in 0.50 Steps

-+4.50  DS to +6.00 DS in 0.50 Steps


Power range:

0.09 mm

Center Thickness:

Light Blue

Handling Tint:

Replacement Monthly/Two weekly as required for

daily wear

Wear Modality:

3 Lenses

Pack Size:


Contact Us

No.834, Between Khosh and Ghasroldasht St.,Azarbayejan Ave.,Tehran-Iran
Mail Us :
+98 21 668 94 649-50
+98 21 668 98 731


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