Sat, Aug 13, 2022
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UltraWave Silicone Hydrogel

UltraWave®SiH is a Silicone Hydrogel monthly contact lens, using unique multi-aspheric front surface designs providing patented aberration controls based on wavefront technology studies to deliver the following benefits:

Clearer Vision

Clearer vision in all conditions
Enhanced vision in low-light conditions
Enhanced contrast sensivity
Can mask astigmatism up to 1.25DC with spherical fitting

Healthy & Comfortable

Silicone Hydrogel material allows increased oxygen to the cornea
Enhanced ocular comfort through lens design

Early Presbyopes

Ideally suited to VDU use through enhanced intermediate vision
Postpones need for multifocals or over readers






Water content:

42% Filcon II 3

Material :

86*10¯¹¹ (cm²/sec)[ml o₂/(ml*mmHg)]

DK/t value:

Wavefront aberration controled unique multi-aspheric

front surface

Lens Design:

-10.00  DS to +8.00 DS

-0.25 DS to -8.00 DS in 0.25 Steps

-8.50  DS to -10.00 DS in 0.50 Steps

+0.25 DS to+6.00 DS in 0.25 Steps

-+6.50  DS to +8.00 DS in 0.50 Steps


Power range:

0.07 mm(-3.00 DS lens)

Center Thickness:


Handling Tint:

Mothly Replacement for Daily wear only

Wear Modality:

6 Lenses

Pack Size:


Contact Us

No.834, Between Khosh and Ghasroldasht St.,Azarbayejan Ave.,Tehran-Iran
Mail Us :
+98 21 668 94 649-50
+98 21 668 98 731


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